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Application made ​​by cherry country is very interesting and fun to your chat hobby, because additional features like emoticons and on chatnya sticker that disediakandengan choices are diverse and quite a lot to your download for free some of them. The application also provides a free service call that uses wifi and 3G networks are increasingly making fun chat activity because a lot of things you can do. For the more fun again, you can also add additional applications ie Line camera to further enrich Line chat feature.

Viber: Free Calls & Messages

Does not very much difference with the Line, which provides Free call features and sticker featuring a variety of emoticons. Viber less the same but the difference is that free call service. Because the application of sound quality Viber on free call is better served because of the technological support HD sound quality that promises you comfort when using the services. Viber also provide services like any other chat is quite attractive and stable during use. And Everything is what you get for free.

Skype - free video calls & IM

Skype is well known as an application that focuses on video call is convenient for you to interact. For those of you who find applications not only provides chat message services only  this application could be an option. But Skype also has other applications like a chat service where you can share a variety of things such as photos and video are packed interactive enough. And if you have a tablet with back and front camera ,the camera switch feature is very useful and easy without having to turn your Tablet PC for video chat services .

Facebook Messenger

FaceBook or better known by the acronym FB social networking has become common to have. Even for teens, FB becomes mandatory to have a social network account. Latest FB update feature where chat available  is quite interesting and helpful to its users. But if you want to chat without having to open up a whole the Facebook messenger application you can try. Easier and more convenient, because this application will give information which of your friends are online and chat avalaible to perform direct and conversations that you do will be stored on your FB inbox.


A service that has become an arena for the users of various operating systems known to gather. With Whats App you can connect with friends and relatives from anywhere using Whats App from various OS like Android, IOS, Blackberry, Symbian, and windows phone. And all can be done quite easily without having to bother your friends add one by one. Because this application will automatically connect your friends who also use the app via your phonebook.

WeChat, the application is suitable for you who always wanted to connect with people nearby. One of the advantages of this application that you can chat with other operating systems such as Phone with Android OS, IOS, and Symbian. Another thing that makes this application different from that seen at the time you add a friend with "Shake" or move the phone. As for the features you could try to hold-to-talk voice messages or create a group chat with up to 20 people per group.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr might be seen to lose prestige. It's just the features and advantages of Tumblr appear to be different compared to both the social networking. The fundamental difference of these social networks to the more creative users of social networks in which the features in it allows you to post photos, videos, quotes, chat, links, and text. You will also get a bonus if you use the widget application "create a post" on the screen home screen.

Multi-platform chat application made ​​in Korea seems to be a good alternative for us to chat to between devices. Application looks simple and easy to use. As WhatsApp, KakaoTalk application requires us to put our mobile phones but no limited to for purposes of clarification and the activation of any application.
Kik Messenger

Applications capable of uniting to your mobile phone users iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. KiK Messenger applications have long used by many users to be able to chat on multiple platforms, the application allows users to communicate by exchanging messages through the Internet, either via WiFi or 3G data. Fun anymore, you can easily share files and your location.
And once more i have to tell you this is the best Social app for Android if you want get on trough google play, and don't not to find on a crack one via website.
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