Smart 7 Office App for Android

Olive Office Premium 

Developer     : OlivePhone 
Format          : Android 
OS Minimum : 1.6 and up 
Download      :  Google play
Price              : Free 
File Siz           : 3.3MB

Another option that you can choose when looking for office applications ie Office Premium Olive features that are not inferior to other office applications. The facilities provided are complete enough where you can create a document, view, or edit your document. It can also be done on the document excel, power point, PDF, CHM, and MHT. Essentially Olive Office Premium applications that can be relied upon for those of you who are mobile and active without having the hassles of doing your job when compared to use traditional tools such as laptop or notebook.

3D Charts

Developer    : Advance-Media
Format         : Android
OS Minimum : 2.2 and up
Download    : Google play
Price            : Free
File Size       : 327kB

For those of you who frequently use a tablet PC for presentations at least require the application that helps you to deliver better presentations. 3D Charts is an application that helps you to create a chart with various options. Premises are not only visual 3D graphics, other types such as 2D, Landscape and portrait can be used to maximize your presentation. For applications that can be obtained free of charge provided quite a lot of choice and attract attention.

Kingsoft Office

Developer    : Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Limited
Format         : Android
OS Minimum : 2.1 and up
Download     : Google play
Price             : Free
File Size        : 7.7MB
Kingsoft Office is one of the Office applications are quite friendly to users. Because the choice of language provided quite a lot, unfortunately there is no Indonesian. This application allows you to view and edit various types of files that exist in an easy and attractive UI. Kingsoft Office also has a built-in Manager facility that will function automatically after finish data and documents anda.Hingga current update has been given a variety of developers to make applications more user friendly for users and easy -

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer

Developer    : ThinkFree Mobile
Format         : Android
OS Minimum : 2.2 - 2.3.7
Download     : Google play
Price             : Free
File Size        : 7.7MB
For those of you who do not want to bother with different types of features and menu on the other Office applications, you can try ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer is focusing only as a document viewer for Word documents, Excel, and Powerpoint. This application can also send documents via email or see the document via attachment. Easy and simple is the right word for this application, but if you also want to edit function creates a new document or you require the services of other applications that provide such features.
Mobile Doc Scanner Lite

Developer    : STOIK
Format         : Android
OS Minimum : 2.2 and up
Download     : Google play
Price             : Free
File Size        : 799kB
Application is quite popular among users of the Nokia, because the previous Mobile Scanner Lite Doc is quite popular among mobile users with Symbian operating system. . Mobile Doc Scanner memberika interesting functions which can transform your phone into a document scanner device. Scan process quite cumbersome if you use a scanner, or you usually use a cell phone camera functions whose results are not in accordance terkadangn like writing or drawing pins on the document. By using this application, you will get the scan to better document that combines a camera phone with the features in this application.
Documents To Go

Developer    : DataViz, Inc.
Format         : Android  
OS Minimum : 1.5 and up
Download     : Google play
Price             : $14.99
File Size        : 57kB
By using a paid version of the user not only can display Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files but also can edit office owned or create a new file directly from your Android device.DocumentsToGo also bagged a number of other features, including support for Word and Excel 97-2007 files are protected with a password, the integration of Google Docs that allows users to download, view and edit Google Docs files directly from within the application, and not least the synchronization between Android devices and computer users with intact Technology.
OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD)

Developer    : Mobile Systems
Format         : Android
OS Minimum : 2.2 and up
Download     : Google play
Price             : Free
File Size        : 799kB

In addition to the Office software, OfficeSuite Pro 6 also has a file browser functions and the integration of Google Docs service that allows users to process office documents stored in the device and stored on your Android Google Docs.Fitur other services are of interest, users can share files owned office via email or Bluetooth through this application. Overall Pro 6 has many new features that greatly assist the needs of your work on the tablet PC.

That's all application that i think something must have on your android. and don't forget to buy, not to find the crack app.
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