5 Secret Ways To Significantly Boost Your Battery Life

5 Secret Ways To Significantly Boost Your Battery Life - Battery life may be a huge topic within the smartphone world, and whether or not you’re rocking an android device, an iPhone, or a Windows Phone, it will be pretty tough to urge a full day's charge out of high finish smartphones. For the past week, I even have noticed  vast battery drains on my Galaxy Nexus, and once doing a little analysis on why it'd be happening, I discovered five things i used to be inadvertently doing that were completely killing my battery.

Bright wallpapers area unit KILLING your battery

Over the past week, I noticed  that my phone was virtually obtaining concerning a pair of.5 - four hours less battery life than usual. thus i made a decision to work out why, and once rigorously analyzing lots of the apps I even have put in and doing a little analysis on forums, I created a surprising discovery on why my battery was having such serious drain: my white wallpaper/theme.
My Galaxy Nexus is stock-still, and one week past i made a decision to do a replacement ROM known as “Bugless Beast” (amazing ROM). The ROM additionally happened to possess a really cool theme that you simply may flash over high of it that essentially created a giant portion of the UI white rather than black. It looked great! on the other hand the drain began to occur. I analyzed apps, monitored my already overclocked CPU, undervolted, however noticed  that nothing was out of the norm (and that the battery drain remained). 
Then I stumbled upon a forum with automaton users discussing battery life, and ran across this nice article. To total it up, the article essentially breaks down tip for faucet however that if your device has Associate in Nursing OLED, AMOLED, or Super AMOLED show, that bright wallpapers and bright themes are actually suction a banging one-fifth off your battery life. This won’t have an effect on digital display screens most, however since OLED displays use Organic lightweight Emitting Diode’s (and consume less energy overall once displaying dark colors) that make their own lightweight vs the backlight used for digital display screens, lowering the number of pixels your screen uses will have a very huge impact on your battery. thus I bascially modified my screen/theme from this:
And inverted it back to this:

And man oh man has it created a distinction. My battery is virtually lasting me virtually 3 to 4 hours each day additional (I am not creating this up!). thus if you have got white/bright coloured wallpaper with any variety of OLED show, contemplate switch it to a darker one to optimize battery life. an equivalent applies for apps still. If you'll make a choice from a bright or dark theme, go dark if you care concerning your battery life! this is often simply my no 1 tip, and that i am still appalled concerning what quantity of a distinction it's created.

Disable Adobe Flash (or set to on demand if your browser supports it)

I must admit that the maximum amount as i like having the ability to use Flash on my phone and pill, that I ne'er very thought-about what quantity juice was being sucked away whenever Flash is loading up all those advertisements and video content on pages I visit. If your browser supports “on demand” plugins, I extremely encourage you to use this setting or to disable Flash from your browser all at once once you do not would like it. once it’s required, merely flip it on in your browser. however if you’re not victimization it, you’ll be stunned what quantity it’s pain your battery life.

Turn off vibration

I have continuously liked  the actual fact that after I kind on my phone, i buy a vibration impact once pressing the keys. Well it seems that this terribly impact additionally hits the battery lots more durable than i assumed, because the energy required for the phone to provide the vibration whenever typewriting or registering touches is not returning from nothing. thus if you're very probing for some further juice, go in settings-sound, and disable “vibrate on touch” (I still leave vibrate once ringing on. Then visit settings-language&input, opt for the keyboard you employ, and disable “vibrate on keypress”. Your battery can thanks for it.

Charge your phone at the proper temperature

It’s summer time, it’s hot, and therefore the last item the general public area unit most likely wondering before striking the beach is their phone lasting the whole day. the actual fact of the matter is that if you’re charging your phone in an exceedingly area that’s too hot, the warmth will have an effect on your phone as a full, beside the number of charge. If it’s too cold, you'll additionally see a big drain. Ideally, charge your phone in rooms that area unit between fifteen degrees and twenty five degrees astronomer (between fifty nine and eighty two degrees fahrenheit). it should sound silly, however it'll create a distinction. thus moot before charging your phone from your hot car's lighter before striking the beach!

Keep your apps updated

Developers don’t simply thrust out weekly updates to their apps for no reason. once they optimize/bugfix their apps, they typically create changes that additionally create them additional power economical, and area unit a giant consider increasing your battery. thus if you’ve been too lazy to press that “update” button for all of your apps within the Google Play store, likelihood is that smart that your battery is taking a success attributable to it.

Things to remember

These area unit 5 tips that I even have in person noticed  creating a giant distinction on my battery, and that i can’t stress enough what quantity of a distinction they're going to bring you (especially the intense wallpapers!). Managing however typically your widgets update (I have over 21 widgets on five screens, and you'll most likely imagine however exhausting my battery takes a success if all of them refresh each hour) your set settings on apps (does your Facebook really want to automobile refresh each hour?), and your wifi/data affiliation also are terribly important to manage, however the information during this article were some that i used to be substantially guilty of dominating and needed to share.
I hope the information assist you the maximum amount as they need helped me, and allow us to grasp if you have got extra suggestions for keeping battery life high!

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