Tutorial setting modem with local chinese android phone

The proliferation of local brands Android Tablet priced 'very' cheap, of course, be a new option for consumers. In the market, there are tablets of this type are sold even less than $ 1 million, to be precise about USD 800 thousand which is IMO Tab X3. In that price range there are not too far IMO Tab X5, Websong EPAD and so on. The average SIM card slot is not supported for data access needs. To access this internet using WiFi channels. However, in most of the available features Android Tablet "3G Settings". Well ... With this facility, YOU can take advantage of USB Stick Modem dongle is connected to a special port for internet access. The obstacles, we have to do manual settings as well as using a special USB Modem. Based on the specifications contained in the Settings menu '3 G ', the modem that supports them:

  • WCDMA (Huawei E220, E230, E169, E169G, E160X, E1750, etc.)
  • CDMA2000 (Bora9380/AWIT-U8)
  • TD-CDMA (TD368)

 In this setting guide, BG using Huawei E169 and Android Tablet Tab X5 IMO. Here are the steps setting

  1. Connect the connector / converter to a USB port on the Tablet Android. Make sure the port dongle and plugged it right and fitting.
  2. USB modem dongle plugs into the connector / USB converter. It automatically detects the Android Tablet USB Modem is marked with a 'berkedip' its LED indicator on the modem.
  3. Next, go to "3G Settings" in the Android Tablet.

4. CLICK “Add 3G network”.

5. Fill in the requested data corresponding operator used the internet profile. For example, using XL Unlimited data package. Name : XL Device : Select the appropriate list to use Modem (WCDMA (Huawei E220, E230, E169, E169G, E160X, E1750, etc.) Device Number: * 99 # or some are using * 99 *** 1 # APN : xlunlimited User : Clear Password : Leave blank

6. Click "Done".
 7. Well ... to connect the modem, just select "Connect"
 8. If connected, it will display a notification "connect" at the bottom of the 3G network profile is registered, and up indicator "3G" on the top of the 'notification bar'.

9. Finished, we had been able to start browsing the internet.

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