The difference about LINK2SD and A2SD dark tremor.

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Little reviews about the difference LINK2SD and A2SD DARKTREMOR. What is it? Both are programs in which the core android of performance is to move data from internal memory to external memory (SDCARD) Here are a few differences in terms of excess or deficiency:


1. Simply use an application that is only Link2SD without having to use scripts to run (User Friendly).

2. Easy to run, when the first run direct Link2SD automatically read your SDcard EXT2 partition, so it is not complicated.
3. There are automatic option, so if you want any applications that are automatically installed directly on the link to the SD (with a note if applications are installed in internal memory, if installed directly to the sdcard then it will be processed by its Link2SD).
4. Battery Friendly Link2SD means just simply move the
data to any application to the sdcard and not with the core application, so when the application is on the run Power batteries are only used to read data in applications that run only on the sdcard, so the more efficient use of battery power ( Keep in mind, each reading / writing data in sdcard require battery power, the more data that must be in Read / Write by phone, the greater the power that is used.

A. Continue to use the Internal Memory to keep the core application, so internal memory can be more quickly filled in compare A2SD dark tremors.
2. Not all Official ROM / Stock ROM Link2SD support (especially for Gingerbread), but with the Custom Rom, this can be excluded.
3. Sometimes there are bugs in some of the ROM, that is, when phone the Restart, Link2SD not again to link applications that previously in- link. So should the link again.
4. Can not be juxtaposed with the application as Move2SD/App2SD. Link2SD must stand alone.

A2SD DarkTremor

1. Creating a truly Internal Memory relief.
2. Move not only data but only core applications as well.

1. Should use such important information- specific script which may be difficult for a new user not apply so User Friendly.
2. Must use the sdcard with Class higher so they can get more leverage.
3. Betere more extravagant as the reading / writing to the sdcard will be more and frequently so that battery power was bound to greater use.
4. Mounting can not sdcard / move data directly to the phone via data cable, because surely Hang, the solution is should first off was remove the SD card.
5. Reduce the life of a faster SDCard
(According to the logic), because all the SDCard no maximum limit for Write / Read. So after reaching the maximum limit Write / Read it, sdcard usually will error or can not be used again.
6. Sdcard can not revoke at will, especially if it all applications (including the system app) has moved to sdcard. Could lead to force close all the system.

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