Tips before buying a low Android Tablet

Tips before buying a low Android Tablet - First pioneered by Apple with the iPad made, initially tablet PC comes to middle and upper segments. But as the popularity of the Android OS that offers open source, be a figure of tablets now appear more populist, variations in the price offered was somewhat skewed increasingly hands of Chinese manufacturing. When the first tablet priced above Rp 4 million, now many Android tablets milling digadang ranging from Rp1 million.

In terms of the exact price is very attractive, with pockets of less than R1, 5 million you can bring home a 7-inch tablet plus Android Market app supports that contain hundreds of thousands of applications available for download. Then created segments in the market, namely middle tablet low, players not merely a local mobile phone vendors, there is also a brand from the outside, although entry into the market by bundling through CDMA carriers.

Well, as a consumer you should be careful to choose which products are appropriate for the need. Indeed, the principle of 'price determines kualita' can not be eliminated, but through these tips hopefully you can select and sort low middle tablet products which best suit your needs and fit. Happy listening.

1. Note the brand of processor.

It should be noted, though there is a tablet that was launched by a local vendor, does not mean the tablet is made by the vendor in question, but the tablet is made by another vendor (third party). So even if you come across valuable tablet 'cheap' but carrying the processor from Qualcomm, it could be a positive point for you count as a strength.

To reduce the selling price, usually local vendors reduce the quality of some of the components or features that are used, such as screen quality, camera quality, the quality of the casing is used, or the quality of supporting accessories like data cable, charger, and others. But that does not mean the quality of the local Android must be bad or under the famous brand, the fact that many local tablet or mobile phone that has a good quality.

2. Note the version of the OS has to offer.

Generally Android tablets sold low middle of the lowest current carrying version 2.2 (Froyo). Make sure that the version you buy is Froyo, and do not forget to ask for the seller, if the version of Froyo on the tablet can be upgraded to 2.3 (Gingerbread). Good vendor must have prepared the path / service upgrades. This can be a distinct advantage. With the upgrade to Gingerbread, the performance of tablets will grow better.

3. Monitor the use of tablets.

Of course you can not monitor directly, here means you are advised to join communities or fan of Android, or even better when you're looking for a specific community or forum on the brand and type of tablet. Following the discussion in the community, you'll be a little more insight tablets will open wider.

4. Note the speed of the processor.

The processor is the brain of a gadget, the higher the processor, the performance will be more
fast and responsive applications that run. In the middle low Android tablet, the processor is generally the range 600 Mhz, 800 Mhz, 1 Ghz or highest.

5. Note the capacity of RAM (Random Access Memory).

RAM capacity is related to the performance of Android tablets directly. The bigger the RAM is used, it will be better the performance of the tablet, especially when doing multi tasking or open multiple applications simultaneously. RAM capacity that is commonly used is 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB. Tablets that use 128 MB of RAM in general is a bit slow when used for multi-tasking,

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