How to Make BlackBerry Autotext In Android

How to Make BlackBerry Autotext In Android - Been a while ya I do not post this blog about Android tutorial, now of the first really wanted to share on how to easily create autotext BB on Android but kept forgetting, mungpung remember this trick though said to be 'old-fashioned' or old school but I'm sure there are some Android users who need this information. For those who have masters or mastah dilewat sometime. One attraction is the BBM BlackBerry besides its function auotext. Not complete for users that BB's SMS or BBM's do not include this feature. What is AutoText? which is a set of characters that can generate a word or emoticon interesting, or creative. Still confused, never read his writing SMS like this: º ° ° =)) H ª ª h ª h ª ª ª ª ª h ° ° º ° ~ =)) • • ° wk. Wk. wk ° • • =)) ~ ° (* · _ ·)?? * (^ ^) Y? Y (^ ^) «SSE ® ight ß @ © K», well that autotext!

So now how do BlackBerry's AutoText was perched on your Android handset. His pace is easy, first you have to prepare the materials we will need the Smart Keyboard Pro application and data autotext her. Well all I have to prepare please download here first, password: android-gratiss.blogspot. Once successfully downloaded, please extract, besides file Smart Keyboard PRO (4.5.0). Apk you have to install it first, you will find two folders named backup1 and backup2, well within the backup folder is auotext data content you must copy the sdcard. Choose one course, find the zip greatest capacity to move to sdcard: smartkeyboardpro​​, if the folder does not exist yet, think smart! make themselves equate writing.

Now how do I set it so that autotext can run on Android, the steps are as follows:
  • Open apps Smart Keyboard Pro already installed, after select Open Settings.
  • Well on setting keyboard / keyboard settings, check the option Smart Keyboard Pro, will be out a warning. Click OK.
  • After that, select the Smart Keyboard Pro
  • To get the AutoText that had been downloaded, you slide down, continue to select the Settings Backup menu
  • Once logged in, select "Restore from SD card"
  • There will be a warning that you will restore the settings and AutoTextnya, is going to "overwrite / replace" setting now, but since the new install, just click OK.
  • Next we will set restore autotext that was the way we have in the option "text prediction" Then look for the "Custom AutoText"
  • Now there appear AutoText that had been in the Restore, it says he left, on the right is a replacement word. We can also manipulate the autotext is like entering a new one by selecting "Add", edit, select "Edit" or delete select "Remove.
  •  Still in Text Prediction, please configure it to be like this: Auto-capitalization: on, Quick fix: off (not to automatically replaced so typing), Show suggestion: on, Autocomplete: off (so as not to interfere with (automatic replacing the word) so spaces) , Swap punctuation: off, Space after picking: off, Contact Dictionary: on / off (optional, if you want to take the suggestion of a contact name in hp), Always suggest: on (to appear suggestionnya what so typing something).
Still confused, peep the image below:

Now how do I use the BB Autotext on your Android, the following steps:

  • Change the method first used in inputting, how to, create a new message, and then touch the old in its text field, then will appear the "edit text", choose "select input method" and choose "Smart Keyboard Pro".
  • If you find the font BB boxes font it means you do not support, the solution can follow my previous tutorial titled Android how to change fonts Android without root or how to change the font / font Android with root.

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