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Image and video hosting by TinyPicReviewing the advantage of HTC ONE X Camera - The good images process now does not always come from the professional class as DSLR cameras. Now this is all the camera manufacturers are competing to present the results of a handful of nice photos the camera produced. The camera with the body
compact, thin, and practically with the photos that many hunted
exceptional photography hobby. This opportunity is also captured by the smartphone manufacturers to deliver high-quality cameras in their products, one of which HTC. Through a series of One HTC, the Taiwan made mobile phone manufacturer carries the tagline "Amazing Camera" in its marketing strategies. HTC smartphones Armed serious in working with a good quality camera, as well as in the cultivation of HTC One X, which was launched some time ago. With a unique design, slim and slight arch in the body accents, HTC One X equipped with superb camera. Armed with the
latest Android operating system version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and a dual-core 1.5 GHz speed, making the One X capable of running a variety of applications without the
constraints. For the kitchen photography as its flagship, the HTC equip One X with 8 megapixel resolution camera, 28mm lens with F2.0 aperture, ISO 100-800 sensitivity, Smart LED Flash, and of course supports Full HD 1080p video

Here are a variety advantages of HTC One X camera:
1.Menu Operating the camera in the HTC is very good at giving the operation of the camera menu. All settings are presented in a 4.7-inch LCD touch screen IPS bersensitifitas high-tech and easy to administer. Operation of the camera system is not always done automatically, a number of important parameters of a compact camera like ISO, exposure compensation, white balance the camera, and a built-in flash can be set alone.
HTC One X also supported the Face Detection feature which
makes the search focus while shooting. For the size of a smartphone, AF tracking is also working fast enough and sensitive.
2. For Lensa and Aperture, HTC gives sized 28mm wide lens with F2.0 wider aperture, will provide a special experience for you to capture the moment and photografing just using a smartphone.
Unfortunately, the lens is not equipped with One X optical zoom, only digital zoom that we meet.
3. Shooting Scene Modes and Effects Seen from the variety of scene modes and effects shooting, HTC intends to facilitate its users to be creative in photography is just a thin body One X. From grayscale effects, distortion, vignette, vintage dept of field to be presented in them. You do not even need to bother process
of software and Instagram. Determine the effects of which will be used, and take a snapshot, that simple process required to make photos with creative effects HTC, do not require editing. On the other hand, the One X is also rich scene shooting modes like HDR, landscape, portrait, and certainly quite impressive panorama. Need adaptation when first operating the panorama mode, as distinct concepts with panorama mode in general. However, this is a fun shooting modes.
In addition, the smartphone can also be relied on in a photo shoot with backlight lighting conditions.
4.Continuous Shoot To shoot moving objects you do not need to worry, this smartphone features a dependable continuous shooting. When in testing, this feature is qualified as dozens of pictures can be recorded simultaneously in a single tap. In fact, when you put low quality image size, this mode can be invited to shoot images up to hundreds of frames in a single tap.
So, you do not have to worry about losing moment.
5. Photos result and Impressive Color For One HTC smartphone camera class X has the shots and impressive color. The picture sharpness, contrast, detail and good quality, as well as vivid colors and nice too. Every detail was also presented with
a beautiful color.
6. Good Camera Not limited to capture the moment around the
course, the camera of the One X is also reliable in macro shooting. One X also supported the Face Detection feature which makes the search focus while shooting. For the size of
a smartphone, AF tracking is also working fast enough and sensitive.
7. 1080p Full HD Video features, powerful enough to be invited to be creative in motion pictures. You can play around from standard mode to slow-motion video. Again, you can shoot while running video features without disrupting the video
recording process. Photography hobbyists and smartphones will
surely be made tempted by the features of the HTC One X's. While shooting with a smartphone is seen relaxed and playful, yet we still manage to create a good photo using smartphones.

(+) generated photos has a high sharpness, contrast and good color, easy operation system, quick, F2.0 aperture, high- performance cameras.
(-) Don't have a optical zoom features, the battery consumption is quite wasteful, no shutter button, fast heat

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