Apple win patent,Samsung fined for 1 billion USD

Apple win patent,Samsung fined for 1 billion USD - Patents war between Apple and Samsung ended up in a U.S. court with victory in the hands of Apple. The jury at the trial Friday claimed Samsung violated Apple's patents and asked to pay restitution of more than U.S. $ 1 billion. Reuters reported, nine jurors admitted difficulty determining patent infringement
made by both companies tech giant.

For two days, the jury struggling with boxes and boxes of evidence in the form of some smart phones both manufacturers as well as hundreds of pages of testimony.
The final decision, the judges ruled that Samsung violated six from seven the Apple patents. While Apple did not infringe any patent Samsung. In addition, the jury also strengthens the validity of the Apple patents by said that Samsung acted willfully infringed multiple patents the rival.

Apple's lawyers will submit a ban on distribution of Samsung products in the U.S. in seven days. The court's decision, Samsung asked to pay an indemnity of U.S. $ 1,051,855,000.
This compensation is touted as the largest patent damages case
throughout history.

Previously, Apple asked for compensation of U.S. $ 2.7 billion over the assessed Samsung blatantly copied the design of the iPad and iPhone. Samsung sues Apple back U.S. $ 519 million
for accusing the U.S. company had violated five patents.

After the victory of Apple, the company's stock jumped more than U.S. $ 12, to more than U.S. $ 675 per share.

In a statement, Samsung said that their defeat was also a defeat for the American consumer. "This will lead to fewer choices, lack of innovation, and high prices for consumers. This
is not the end of the case being fought all over the world, some of which has disproven claims Apple. Samsung will continue to innovate and present choices to consumers," said in a statement as reported by CNN

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