Understanding of the custom rom

This type of ROM 

A. Stock ROM
Is the default OS version of the device you buy.
2. Custom ROM Is a version of the OS itself ,developed by third parties of the existing stock ROM. In
Includes all kernel, application, any required to operate a Android device.

Custom word here means customization. Because the Android OS itself is open (Open Source), then the party developer The third has the freedom to modifying a stock ROM exist, such as optimizing, up to add something, depending on ability and imagination they have. For those of you who like to mengoprek, clearly installing a Custom ROM mandatory in nature. 
Not all Android devices have a custom ROM. All returned to the third party. They tend to make a custom ROM for the device Android (in this particular type) they tend to develop a custom ROM for the satisfaction or maximizing the use of handheld

The Excess Custom ROM

1. Improved performance.
 Various removed for standard applications deemed not necessary, so expense of memory usage reduced and the resulting climb performance. 
2. Battery efficiency. 
With modifications existing kernel, energy needs to run the system becomes smaller, so the durability battery becomes longer.
3. Enjoy the extra features. 
Examples the OS version 2.1 that can not be use the facility to move applications to external memory (App2SD). By using the custom ROM, you can do it.

Weaknesses Custom ROM
1. Requires a technical understanding and basic knowledge such as how do the flashing, restore, recovery, and others. But as with time, you can learn by trial and error
2. There are still many bugs. His name is modifications, of course, there are deficiency. It also contained on a custom ROM. It could be Once installed, there are some features the device is not running, such as telephones, Bluetooth, Wifi, or the other. To overcome this conditions, the developer usually released a patch / fix.
3. The loss of warranty.
 In some particular brand, the installation process can make a custom ROM warranty be lost. This is due
as well as the installation process as well need the rooting process, which also scorch the warranty.

know about the rom is better ,know what it is and what rom
advantages and disadvantages ...
NB: .. Better to start from
knowing your handheld ,what your use and anything imaginable and he can do for you have understood correctly ..
So u can think what ur ROM for your Droid.

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