View Bestiary/Achievements

Once you have access to Gysahl, you can view your bestiary and achievements. Just go into the inn and go to the right wall.
You should see yourself go through an INVISIBLE PATHWAY (Snazzy.) Just keep going and talk to the old-as-dirt guy. There you have it.

Buy Shurikens

Entry location:
Just so that you don't have to look through a guide to find this out, when you are in Eureka go to the very end and go through the magic portal. There will be two strange
people selling magic spells, above the person to the right there is a secret
invisible passage take that passage and there will be a third weirdo selling
Shruikens, crystal helms, crystal armor, crystal bracers, crystal gloves, and Apollo Harps. Hopes this helps.
Complements to Dylan Hinds who wrote this in his Eureka Guide. P.S. Read his 10 Plagiarism Commandments

Cid's Treasure

After blasting the big rock in the beginning of the game, you meet Cid and return him to his town. If you visit his house, you'll
discover that his wife is sick. But if you make her better, you'll be handsomely
rewarded. So go to the southeast portion of town and you'll find a chest containing elixir. Give it to cid's wife and cid will reward you with the contents of his cellar (a nice load of treasure).

Storage Shed!

Entry location:
When you enter Ur, if you keep walking up,
you will see a old lady by a path. Talk to her and she will say something bout a
storage house with a bunch of items. Follow the path and you should come
across a building. Go inside and there is a bunch of chests, ready to be opened. Enjoy the items!

Free Phoenix Down!

When you arrive in Ur, look to your left. There should be this old man walking
around. Talk to him. He'll explain that you can give items to people. He will then ask
you to give him some potion. Give a potion to him, and in return, you should get a Phoneix Down!

Get Leviathan

Do you see the lake on the floating continent that has a shadow in it, that's the
lake I'm talking about. This time you need the Invincible and you go to the little
waterfall. Then you go over the little mountains and then try to set down on the
lake. You should be able to go into a cave (don't remember the name). Go all the way
through the cave and find and fight Leviathan. Once you beat it, you get the spell to summon it.

Get Odin

Once you get the nautilus to go underwater, go underwater south of
Saronia and go into the cave you see. Go all the way through and you'll find Odin.
Beat him and then as an evoker or a summoner you can summon him.

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